Create Your Own Saxony Wool Scarf

€ 89,50

Create your own custom scarf.

Design your own unique bespoke scarf, for your club, society or simply using the colours you like just for you. Or customize your personal Saxony scarf based one of the 15 existing patterns. Optionally add a logo to your scarf.

All of our scarves are made from fine 100% Saxony wool.

The production process takes 1-2 weeks, as this item is a handmade bespoke scarf. Please be aware of this before placing an order.

  • 1. Choose Patterns

    Choose your pattern from fifteen (15) options. Prefer your own design? Send us a picture by email with pattern and colours.

  • 2. Choose Colours

    Select colour your favourite colours from the colour table and continue until your pattern is complete. Let us know what colours are applicable. We have a selection of 24 colours to choose from. We use only 100% Saxony wool cloth which is manufactured and dyed in the UK.

  • 3. Logo's

    Do you want to add a logo? Have your company logo or club/society crest embroidered onto your scarf. The cost of this service is €40 per scarf up to 10 scarves. 

  • 4. Contact Us

    Please let us know by our contact form or send us an email at which pattern number, colour(s) (and logo in .png or .jpg) you have designed and the OXFOX team will create your masterpiece. Finalise the order process by ordering your scarf or scarves (step 5 and final step).

  • 5. Order your Scarf

    Did you finalise Step 4 in the process? Order your Scarf/Scarves without a logo or with a logo below. We will start producing your scarf or scarves after the payment has been received.